Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul


Hey guys! I thought it might be fun to see what a trip to the grocery store looks like for me! I absolutely LOVE grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. They have unique products and awesome prices. They also have a great selection of organics which I find particularly important. This video is a little haphazard, so if you have questions about any of the products, please feel free to ask!

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure. My buddies were watching me unload the groceries just waiting for something to drop (eye candy eyeing the rib eye?)

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  1. Kat says:

    I love EVERYTHING at trader joes! Especially their selecion of nut flours and meals…almond meal, coconut flour, flax meal etc…I also love how inexpensive it is!! Great site BTW, love all your recipes!

    • Kelsey says:

      Hi Kat!

      Yes, that store is amazing!! Their almond and cashew meal prices cannot be beat. Thank you so much! I will have more recipes coming soon so be sure to check back (:

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