Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year!

With a new year comes new resolutions. I say we all resolve to be happier, healthier people this year; which is why I have compiled my top 5 tips to help you do just that!

1. Track what you are eating!: Those of us who eat “low carb” fall into a trap of only counting carbs when really, we should be tracking all macro nutrients (and micro nutrients!) that we are consuming. By doing this we know what works and what is unsuccessful. This also makes us more aware of the foods we are consuming and what is actually in them. To lose weight, your body needs to be in a caloric deficit. If we are not tracking out foods, we are at risk of overeating.

2. Weigh your food: My favorite weigh to do this is with a simple food scale. By weighing out your food, you can eat exact portion sizes. Otherwise, do you actually know how much of something you are eating? This helps to make your food tracking with apps like My Fitness Pal much easier! Another way to do this is with measuring cups and spoons but I find this to be tedious and create tons of extra dishes!

3. Do not keep any junk or “cheat” foods in your home: If you are someone who chooses to indulge in a “cheat” meal every so often, I am not one to judge! However, I do not like having this food in the house. It is too tempting and before you know it, your cheat meal turns into a cheat week! Go out for indulgences and leave the leftovers at the restaurant (or make your husband eat them like I do!).

4. Grab a buddy: Studies prove that surrounding yourself with like-minded people aids in the success of goals. This buddy can workout with you, share their successes with you, and even keep your eating on track! For example, we are much more likely to go to the gym if we have a date set up with a friend. By not going to the gym we let that friend down and miss our workout. You guys can hold each other accountable for your actions and help each other when the other is having a bad day. This will become your support system and that is invaluable.

5. Lift weights!: Ladies, DO NOT be afraid to use heavy weights in the gym (or at home!). Just be sure you are using them correctly and you have nothing to fear. Lifting weights gives women that “toned” look they want. Not to worry, women are not built to put on tons of muscle. You will not look manly. I cannot stress that enough. Lifting weights does build some muscle which allows our resting metabolic rate to increase and intern burn more calories! Its a no-brainer.

I hope you find these tips helpful and that you all reach your goals in 2015!


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