October Favorites 2014

October is always one of my favorite months. The weather changes, sweaters come out, and pumpkin everything is in the air. This month was full of pleasant surprises for me and new discoveries. I encourage you all to give them a try and to let me know what products you have been all over in October.

1. Collard Greens

collard greens

Collard greens have definitely been my favorite vegetable all month long! I have been making some incredible sandwich wraps with them. They make the perfect low carb wrap you can stuff full of chicken, cheese, bacon, you name it!

2. Kombucha Tea



I have been making my own Kombucha Tea at home and it is such a blast! I love making it and enjoying it and absolutely recommend trying to brew it yourself!

3. & 4. Bigelow Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider Tea

bigelow tea

bigelow teaThese two teas encompass everything that fall tea should be and for a bargain price! I have no doubt that you want to squash me for bringing up Pumpkin Spice anything, but trust me this stuff is completely addicting. The Apple Cider Tea is like drinking a hot cider without all of the sugar! It is totally low carb approved.

5. Wild Caught Pink Salmon Fillets from Aldi


If you have never been to an Aldi, I recommend checking the place out. They have some really great, budget-friendly finds. Like this WILD, yes, wild salmon for $3.99 / lb. I could not believe my eyes. I have been eating salmon 3-4 nights a week recently thanks to this money saving fish!

6. Organic Frozen Strawberries from Aldi


As if the salmon were not convincing enough, Aldi also sells organic frozen berries for a steal! At $2.69 / 12 oz. these are a berry good deal.

7. Formula X “Revolution” Nail Polish

formula x

If you want a sparkly polish that is not too obnoxious but still says, “I’m fabulous”, then this is your guy. This polish is loaded with black and silver glitter and it is just too fun. Its Halloween-y feel has left me wearing it all month long! They totally nailed it.

8. Bite Beauty “Meritage” High Pigment Matte Pencil

bite beauty

This twist-up lip crayon is so beautiful and so wearable. I love its shear wash of color and convenient packaging. The cranberry tint is perfect to pair with a nude lipstick or make your lips pop for fall! Plus, Bite Beauty if made of all natural ingredients so if you end up eating a bit, no worries!

9. Chef


This movie is such a feel good film. I am a huge fan of food (shocker) so naturally, I was obsessed with this film. It explores relationships, especially one of a father and son, and their family business. It has a bit of swearing so make the little ones leave the room. If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll totally dig this one. Just be sure to eat before watching. I makes you suuuuper hungry.


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