Introducing Monday Pun-Day!

monday punday


We all know what Mondays feel like. Catching up on everything missed from the weekend, getting the kids ready for a hectic school week, looking ahead to a busy week; all of these things happen on most people’s most dreaded day of the week. Now, we can all fear Mondays a little bit less because every Monday is officially Monday Pun-Day here at Cooking Is Pun! What brightens a day quite like a clever pun? Normally, I stick strictly to food puns but Mondays are now fair game! You can tweet your best, original puns every Monday to me @cookingispun or add to the conversation on facebook! I will share my favorites so that all of our Mondays may be a little easier. The cornier the better; so ears to you! I cannot wait to see what you all come up with! Happy punning!

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