Low Carb Sushi: Philadelphia Roll

They say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and I agree; though I would argue that sushi is a close second. Every girl loves sushi night! It makes the perfect girls’ night out food or date night meal. If you are a sushi fan like I am who happens to eat low carb, you’re probably having sushi withdrawals. Well, withdraw no more my friends. Philadelphia Rolls are a staple at most sushi joints and the goodies in one (salmon and cream cheese) are perfectly low carb! What did the salmon say when it swam into a wall? Dam. Enjoy all of the sushi flavor without any of the sushi carbs by forgoing the rice and replacing it with cucumber. Here is how its done! What you will need: Serves 1

low carb sushi

1 fresh, firm cucumber 1-2 ounces full fat cream cheese 1 ounce thinly sliced smoked salmon Optional: Sriracha Soy sauce Wasabi Pickled Ginger Begin by peeling your cucumber. Cut off both ends of your cucumber. Place a chef’s knife lengthwise along your peeled cucumber and slowly slice inward created a thin layer of cucumber (this is shown in the video that corresponds with this blog post). Discard the seeds. That is the hard part, the rest of the sushi making is cool as a cucumber. Slice a thin piece of cream cheese and lay it on one side of your cucumber “paper”. Layer two pieces of thinly sliced salmon on top of your cream cheese and roll up your cucumber. Slice into pieces and serve! Garnish with your favorite sushi add-ons such as soy sauce, ginger, wasabi, or, my favorite, Sriracha! cucumber sushi roll cucumber sushi rollIf you enjoy this recipe, come sashimi and tell me sometime!

One awesome Cooking Is Pun-er made her own Phili Rolls and they looked incredible! Nice work, Kristi!

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