Homemade, All Natural Exfoliator

This recipe is a bit different for me. It is still edible but is used mainly outside of the kitchen.

I fly through skin exfoliators. I use them… A LOT. I just love what they do for your skin and they are a necessity prior to using a self tanner. However, I find it hard to come across one that I really love. Most are too oily, not course enough, smell weird, the list goes on. So, I invented me own! I exfoliate with sugar and coconut oil exclusively now and it is the PERFECT exfoliator. I have never used one that works better than these two very simply ingredients. Plus, it save a bundle. The exfoliator I purchased in the past cost about $20 and it would last me about a month. Making my own cost a fraction of what I paid in the past and it is not filled with harsh chemicals, dyes, or fragrances. With all the money you save, you can go buy those awesome wedges you’ve been eyeing.

You can use the sugar alone for a more dry exfoliation. This will leave your skin without a moisture barrier, perfect for applying self tanner (I am obsessed, can you tell?). Or, you can mix coconut oil with your sugar and it becomes a super moisturizing exfoliator that leaves your skin incredible silky. Both are fantastic.

Word to the wise: Rinse off completely or you may be left a little sticky. Also, the oil leaves residue in the shower so please, please be careful not to slip and fall (like I have so gracefully done in the past).

I hope this “recipe” was helpful! If you guys like these tips and tricks, let me know and I will make more videos like this one.

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