February Favorites 2015

So sorry for my long leave! If you follow my YouTube channel, you know I was having some major computer issues. Turns out my computer had to take a long trip to Asia to get fixed. Good news! We are back in action. I figured, what better way to come back than with a monthly favorites.

February is the month of my birth so, people gave me stuff. Lucky me. My family and friends know me quite well so this means I got lots of cool kitchen stuff! I also have some other random products I have been loving all month so let’s get started:

Cooking Is Pun apron: My very sweet Mother gifted me the most thoughtful thing.. ever. She had an apron made with the Cooking Is Pun logo! I cannot wait to show it off in an upcoming video!

Procizion French Press: This French press coffee maker is double filtered which is amazing for those of us who rather not drink their coffee grinds. I have been using it a ton and I am planning on doing a side-by-side comparison with my single filtered press to show you guys the impact the double filter has.

Waffle Maker: My husband gifted me an everyday, run of the mill waffle maker that I am completely addicted to. I have been loving making low carb waffles all month. They happen to be the perfect cold weather breakfast. They are anything but waffle.

Cast Iron Braiser: Another amazing birthday gift I received was my Le Creuset Braiser. I never thought I needed this product because I have the frying pan; man was I mistaken! Don’t get me wrong, I could definitely make do without it but it is fantastic for, obviously, braising meat and for stir frying. It may be my new favorite!

My Lunch Box: This thing has been a life saver for me all month long. I never leave fr work without it. It is ideal for anyone who works long shifts or just needs some extra packing space for multiple meals, supplements, or shakes! It even comes in fun colors so you can think outside the box.

Black Bean Spaghetti: Low carb-ers do not get to eat pasta.. usually. Thanks to this pasta-tively amazing product, that is all about to change! This pasta is made out of organic black beans and water, that’s it! Plus, it is only 5 grams net carbs and packs a whopping 25 grams of protein per serving!

Nike Leggings: These may be the softest, warmest, and most comfortable leggings I have ever purchased. Plus, they are bright pink so of course I love them!

Be sure to watch the video for more information on each product and to see them in more detail!

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