Collard Green Sandwich Wrap

One thing I really missed when cutting out grains from my diet was a nice, sturdy sandwich wrap. Recently I have been filling this hole in my life with collard greens and cannot get enough of these collard green sandwich wraps! Collard greens make the perfect sandwich warps because they fit so many diets. They are vegan, paleo, low carb, and even vegan approved! I am just showing you guys how I prepare the greens to become wraps and made a simple chicken wrap to show how it is done. Though, you can use these to wrap anything you can think of! If you prefer not to eat meat, toss some quinoa and veggies in your wrap. They make an awesome burrito wrap or Asian chicken wrap. I have been making Club Wraps with chicken, ham, bacon, and ranch in them (That has to be my personal favorite) and have not found a use for them I have not loved!

In order to create your collard green wrap all you need is a large pot of boiling water, fresh collard greens, and anything you would like to wrap up! Cut the large stem from the center of each green, Boil your greens for no longer than 30 seconds or until they turn a bright green. This is just to take the bite off of them and make them easier to chew. Finally, add all of your favorite sandwich ingredients and that’s a wrap! Let me know what clever Collard Green Wraps you come up with!

collard green wrap collard green wrap

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