August Favorites 2014

August proved to be a good month for condiments (don’t think I have ever said that before?). I discovered new and exciting food products that I have just been loving all month and thought you all may enjoy as well. This is my first “favorites” video and because this is a food channel, I kept the food theme going. However, if you guys enjoy my round-up of favorite things and would like to see my favorites every month, please let me know! Also, if you are interested in other things that are non food related (make-up, skincare, ect.) that I am loving at the moment, I can add those to the next favorite video.

1. 100% Colombian Instant Coffee from Trader Joe’s: Admittedly, I have also though less of instant coffee for whatever reason. I don’t think I ever gave it a fair shot. Though, after trying this stop, I have changed my instant coffee tune forever. It is incredible and it makes an amazing addition to coffee smoothies. Rather than brewing coffee or using liquid concentrate in my Bullet Proof Frappuccino, I have been using a heaping tablespoon of this stuff and I am LOVING it. It blends beautifully and gives you an intense coffee flavor without being too bitter.

2. Garlic Chipotle Salsa from Trader Joe’s: I personally prefer fresh, pico-style salsas typically but this stuff is a game changer. This no sugar added salsa has layers of intense flavor and the perfect amount of heat. It is amazing as a salad dressing or to jazz up boring chicken. I have gone through 3 jars this month and am yet to get sick of it.

3. Mr. Wong’s Oriental Wok Hot Chinese Mustard: If you do not like spicy stuff, this is not the mustard for you. However, if you appreciate some zip, you are going to love the flavor this mustard brings to a dish! I have been using it in my stir fry recipes all month long and am really enjoying it. Its heat is similar to wasabi which I love.

4. Yankee Candle’s Apple and Pumpkin Picking: This is obviously not a food but it does smell good enough to eat. Fall is my favorite season and it cannot come fast enough for me. Although it is still “summer”, I have been lighting this guy and anticipating the arrival of autumn. It smells like the perfect fall day and makes me think of leaves falling, cool weather, sweaters, and all of the amazing fall foods. If you love fall half as much as I do, you need this candle in your life!

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