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bacon my heart

What’s shakin’, bacon? I’m Kelsey. I happen to have a passion for two things; cooking and puns. I combine the two to make cooking pun… I mean fun! My hopes in doing this are that you will discover healthy eating and living with a side of humor and take pleasure in getting back in the kitchen.

I spend my days as the Metro Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market in Cincinnati and Mason, Ohio where I get to work around my favorite things, people and food. I am in the stores to help people make healthier choices and to educate people about what the store has to offer.

Call it what you will, there are about a million different versions of a “low-carb” diet; Adkins, Ketogenic, HFLC, South Beach, Carb Back loading, the list goes on and on. I choose to eat a lower carbohydrate and gluten free diet because I believe it is the best way to achieve ultimate health. Fat does not make you fat! Our bodies actually thrive off of fat. A low-fat diet could be the reason you wake up tired, are always hungry, or suffer from headaches. I believe in whole, natural foods. I stray from anything chemical laden or processed. Why purchase low-fat, sugar added, chemical laced sour cream when you can have the real thing?

My cooking style is unique in that the majority of my recipes are of the “low-carb” variety. I have always had a love of cooking and truly enjoy it. The way that I choose to eat requires creativity to keep it exciting. Just because you follow a low-carb diet does not mean you have to sacrifice taste or foods that you love! I love pizza. It has a pizza my heart. People who eat “low-carb” often swear off pizza. I am here to tell you that you do not have to. You do not have to swear off any food! You just need some creativity and dedication. Oh, and did I mention bacon? Eats lots of bacon!



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